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3 Reasons to Hire a Planning Permission Consultant

Planning permission is a challenging problem for homeowners, as many struggle to find the best firms to execute their projects without delays. Are you planning to build your own house this year? Getting help from professionals can help you navigate the planning permission process. Although the process of hiring a planning permission consultant is more of an art than a science, you can increase your odds of completing your project by taking the time to search for seasoned local planning experts.

Plot selection and planning application are vital for getting permission approval, so you don’t have to overlook the essence of working with local councilors. Your site layout and the building interior and exterior design should comply with building guidelines.

Why You Should Hire a Planning Permission Consultant?

Here are some good reasons to hire a good planning permission consultant in the UK.

  1. Improve Your Understanding of Neighbourhood Planning Policies

Planning policies can be complicated, with some documents comprising several pages of obscure language. Each nation in the UK has its own planning policies, so it is essential to familiarise yourself with your locality’s planning development processes. There are situations where planning policy documents seem to contradict each other.

One way to improve your understanding of neighborhood planning rules is to consult an architectural firm with experience helping clients with planning permission applications. HumphreysandSons can provide useful planning permission services such as site surveys, drawings, and policy documents. You can request free advice and consultation with a nearby planning permission consultant if you want to undertake a project in Essex or London.

  1. Hassle-Free Home Improvement

One study by the Annual Homeowner Survey found that about 27% of homeowners agree that planning permission is a major barrier to successful home renovations. Fortunately, ensuring that planning permissions do not stall your home improvement project is easy if you work with experts. Whether you want to build an extension or carry out a loft conversion, a planning consult can guide you through the planning process and eliminate stress. Planning permission is always required for building a new home, making a major update to a property, or changing the use of an existing building.

  1. Feasibility Studies and Planning Appraisals

Feasibility studies involve assessing the site against relevant planning policies to determine whether your construction project proposal has potential issues. This step often forms the foundation of planning applications. One thing homeowners should note when starting a development journey is understanding whether they will need to get planning permission. While hiring a planning consultant doesn’t guarantee success, they can conduct feasibility studies to help understand your site’s potential.

Different projects may have different chances of success, so you have to measure each proposal on its merit. For example, building a two-story extension may be difficult, especially if the project is overlooking neighboring properties. Understanding whether the process of getting permission will be possible or not is vital in such situations.

Obtaining planning permission from local authorities is a legal requirement when undertaking some building projects. Failure to follow this process can result in enforcement actions such as demolishment notices, fines, and costs. Therefore, get expert advice from Humphreysandsons to ensure that your project succeeds.