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Are Jute Rugs Suitable for Every Room in Your Home?

Because of their versatility and dashing appearance, jute rugs have a laid-back, beach-house feel that is suitable for any style of interior design, contemporary or classic. It doesn’t matter whether you’re constructing a new deck or refreshing your living room – natural fiber Round floor Rugs are the ideal way to bring nature inside. Jute rugs remain in high demand due to their fully biodegradable composition, hypo-allergenic properties, and aesthetic appeal.

Not only are jute rugs classic, but they are also very durable, perfect for use in outdoor areas, dining areas, kitchens, bedrooms, and more! Here are some tips for the placement of a large jute rug throughout the rooms in the house, along with decorative ideas:


Jute Rug for Your Bedroom

Bedroom jute rugs are stylish and practical accessories that provide warmth, comfort, and acoustical effects against footsteps. They create a welcoming environment and provide a cozy spot for your feet.


  • Idea #1: Enhance The Bed Foot

One interior design tip for the master bedroom is to put a jute rug at the side of the bed. It just adds a touch of class to a space that might otherwise look a little bare. If your bed has a mattress base, pull it slightly under the jute rug so it stays in place.


  • Idea #2: Use Runner to Your Bedside

The long rectangular jute rug is ideal for laying beside the bed, commonly known as the bedside runner, for the small to mid-sized bedroom. For a clean look, the runner should be about 10cm away from the edge of the bed frame. Place the rug on a non-slip pad so that it does not shift around.


Jute Carpets for Your Living Room

Living rooms are the focal point of any home and, therefore, deserve special attention when decorating. Jute rugs can be placed in living rooms because these areas are among the most traffic zones, and the rugs are hardwearing and can withstand regular use.


  • Idea #1: Add a Cohesion To Furniture Pieces

A large jute rug will fit perfectly in your living area, such as under the couches, coffee tables, and reclining chairs. It makes the house look well-arranged and functional by adding a unifying touch to the furniture. It is ideal for use in small—to medium-sized lounge halls.


  • Idea #2: Accentuate The Furniture

Place small-sized jute round rugs below the living room chairs and tables to focus more on individual pieces of furniture. When a small rug is placed under a coffee table, end table, or even a large statement chair, everyone pays more attention to this furniture. This technique is most useful when there are antique or unique furniture pieces that need to be highlighted.


Jute Rugs for Kitchens

Kitchen rugs are in fashion nowadays as they protect the floor and also serve as a platform to stand while cooking. Used in modern kitchen settings, jute rugs are quite popular due to their tough but soft nature, complementing sleek interior designs. Always ensure that you have a non-slip pad under the kitchen rugs to avoid slipping on tiles.


  • Idea #1: Use The Rug As Cooking Platform

Place a jute rug in front of chopping boards and appliances to enhance comfort while cooking. This practical style solution, such as a rug in a Runner style, looks great on countertops and between island tables. Nonetheless, ensure that during cooking, it does not accumulate stains or spills to retain its sparkling look.


  • Idea #2: Fill Bare Floor Space

Use a jute rug to add warmth and style to empty kitchen floors, especially in combined kitchen and dining areas with limited space. For small kitchens, the runner rug is the best, while Round Rugs are perfect for large kitchens as they help minimize the harsh edges of the kitchen counters and appliances.


Other Places to Lay Jute Round Rugs

Here are some additional placements for jute rugs other than bedroom, kitchen, and dining space:

  • Dining Rooms: A casual dining room can be improved with a jute rug, which should be placed under the table and must be a minimum of 30 cm larger in all dimensions than the table and the chairs.
  • Outdoors: Upgrade your outdoor seating area by getting a large jute rug in the middle of your space. This will unify the area. Ensure it’s placed in a sheltered area to prevent water damage.



Jute rugs are the perfect choice for those who want to achieve a sophisticated atmosphere in the dining room or make a backyard more welcoming. Miss Amara’s selection of jute round rugs combines style and functionality. So head over to Miss Amara now and get yourself the perfect jute rug you have been looking for!

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