Erykah Badu Daughter: All you need to know about Puma Sabti Curry

Are You Searching For Erykah Badu Daughter Biography? When researching Puma’s life story, you’re not just investigating her family background or The D.O.C’s descendants. Instead, you are uncovering an extraordinary life journey by an amazing young woman with an extraordinary legacy who strives to build her path forward. Puma Sabti Curry may be most famous as Erykah Badu’s daughter; however, this young woman stands apart as she crafts her musical, activist, and social influence career despite living under such a monumental shadow.

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Puma is a powerful example of how young people today embrace their heritage and dare to create their path – not simply as celebrity offspring but as multifaceted individuals on the cusp of creating their destinies. Here, we explore Puma’s life to reveal how she’s managed to create her path while living under Erykah Badu’s immense legacy.

Erykah Badu Daughter
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Early Life, Age, and Family Background

Puma Sabti Curry was born July 5th, 2004, in Dallas, Texas, to Erykah Badu and Tracy Lynn Curry (The D.O.C). Now 19 years old in September 2023, Puma has always been immersed in art and creative expression as her family shared in its creation through music and artistic expression – though never married, both parents have always taken an equal share in providing Puma with a balanced upbringing that ensures she received all that either has to offer in terms of nurturing.


Parents of Puma Sabti Curry

Erykah Badu Daughter was blessed to be born into a world of music and cultural expression thanks to her renowned parents, Erykah Badu and The D.O.C (Tracy Lynn Curry). Both figures are revered figures within the music industry, and each has contributed uniquely to Puma’s development into the accomplished individual she is today. Let us investigate their backgrounds further to gain a greater insight into her development as a multitalented individual.

i) Erykah Badu: Puma Sabti Curry Mother

Erykah Badu is an iconic figure in contemporary R&B and soul music, known for her soul-stirring vocals and distinctive style. Since her debut album “Baduizm,” released in 1997, which garnered multiple Grammy Awards and solidified her place on the musical map, Badu has cemented herself into its ranks.

Erykah Badu is renowned for her music and activism supporting social causes that impact Black communities, particularly her Afrocentric ideology and powerful lyrics that frequently address issues of identity, love, and sociopolitical themes. Erykah Badu stands out artistically and artistically – she is an iconic figure.

ii) The D.O.C.: Puma Sabti Curry Father

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Tracy Lynn Curry, better known by his stage name The D.O.C, is a rapper and music producer from Dallas, Texas. He gained prominence during the late ’80s as an influential member of Fila Fresh Crew before later associating himself with N.W.A. In 1989, he released his debut album, “No One Can Do It Better”, to critical and commercial acclaim.

However, The D.O.C’s promising career was paused due to an automobile accident severely injuring his vocal cords. Nonetheless, he successfully transitioned into songwriting and production, contributing to Dr. Dre’s seminal album The Chronic and numerous other projects. His impact on the West Coast scene remains notable.

iii) The Relationship Between Her Parents

Erykah Badu and The D.O.C were never married. Yet, they still shared an intimate bond that resulted in Puma being born on April 23, 2004. After they separated, they remain active co-parents to Puma, each contributing their unique perspective to her upbringing. Even though they each have children from other relationships, this one remained constant.

iv) Co-Parenting and Shared Values

Badu and The D.O.C have always taken an equal interest in raising Puma. Together, they share the philosophy that allows Puma the freedom to explore her identity while benefiting from both sides of her family’s artistic and intellectual contributions. Mutual respect between parents creates a supportive environment in which Puma can flourish as an individual.

v) Their Influence on Puma

Puma has inherited abundant talent and cultural roots from her parents and their best qualities. From her mother, she gained her soulful voice and activist spirit; from her father, their rap background provided ample fuel for versatility in her music production career.


Puma Sabti Curry Siblings

Seven Sirius Benjamin with puma sabti curry
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Puma Sabti Curry is not an only child; she has siblings who, like her, are born to parents with significant artistic legacies. Each sibling brings a unique flavor to the family, making it an eclectic mix of talents and personalities. While they share certain familial traits, each child has a distinct identity and interests. 

With such a range of ages and experiences, the dynamics between Puma and her siblings must be interesting to observe. They share the family bond and the unique experience of growing up with iconic parents in the public eye.

From Erykah Badu’s Side:

Puma has two siblings from her mother, Erykah Badu:

  1. Seven Sirius Benjamin: Born in 1997, Seven is Puma’s elder half-brother and the son of Erykah Badu and André 3000 of the rap duo OutKast. Like Puma, Seven has grown up in an environment of music and creativity. His father, André 3000, is a highly acclaimed rapper, while his mother’s influence as a singer-songwriter is well-known. The close age gap and shared environment make Seven Sirius Benjamin and Puma’s relationship supportive and enriching.
  2. Mars Merkaba Thedford: Born in 2009, Mars is Puma’s younger half-sister and the daughter of Erykah Badu and Jay Electronica, another influential figure in the rap community. Mars is the youngest of the siblings and grows up in a similarly artistic atmosphere.

From The D.O.C.’s Side:

Details about siblings from her father, The D.O.C.’s side, are not as publicly documented. However, it is known that The D.O.C. has other children from different relationships. The extent of interaction and relationship between Puma and her paternal half-siblings is unclear in the public domain.



Puma’s educational background combines conventional schooling and homeschooling, emphasizing arts. Given her family’s artistic bent, it is no surprise that Puma excels at music, drama, and visual arts – areas her mother explores in her works. Puma has also shown an aptitude for social sciences such as history and human behavior studies, which reflect those explored in her mother’s writings.


Breaking Into the Music Scene

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Puma demonstrated an early interest in music. Her vocal abilities became apparent at age 12 when she started performing alongside her mother during concerts and live shows before becoming more widely recognized through Instagram and YouTube as platforms of expression for reaching new audiences outside those drawn in by her mother’s fame.

Given her mother’s immense impact on neo-soul music, one would assume Puma would follow suit and gravitate towards this genre. Yet she has shown interest in exploring a range of styles – R&B, hip-hop, even some pop – while staying true to traditions she was raised around while adding modern influences into her flexible yet appealing sound to a younger generation.


Social Activism and Advocacy

Puma was inspired by her mother’s activism and commitment to social justice to use her growing platform to advocate for issues affecting Black communities, women’s rights, and mental health awareness.

Puma has participated in various charity events and collaborations to make an impactful statement about critical social issues, using social media to communicate her insights and spark conversations around pertinent social concerns. This act displays her maturity beyond her years.


Relationship With Her Mother

As Puma explores and develops her identity, her relationship with her mother remains firm yet ever-evolving. They enjoy an enduring friendship rooted in mutual respect and admiration.

Mother and daughter often work creatively together, forming mesmerizing duets that become viral hits. Erykah Badu often emphasizes the importance of her daughter finding her path. At the same time, their shared musical moments reveal an unspoken bond that furthers their artistry.


Puma Sabti Curry’s House

As of my update, details regarding Erykah Badu Daughter’s house or residence were not publicly available. As she is still a minor and was born from high-profile parents, it makes sense that details regarding her personal life would remain hidden for security and privacy reasons.

But if we consider her upbringing and parents’ lifestyles as factors in her development, Puma could likely come out with creative, cultural awareness and intense family values from being raised at home.


Future Prospects

While it is too soon to predict Puma’s career path, her varied talents and interests point toward an encouraging future. Whether she chooses music alone as her path forward or diversifies into activism or acting, she has an engaged support network and plenty of inherited wisdom to guide her path forward.



Erykah Badu Daughter may have been born into fame, yet she’s quickly carving out her identity and creating her brand. Through her, her mother, Erykah Badu’s legacy lives on while simultaneously evolving and becoming her own–something Puma can do without any assistance from Erykah Badu herself.

Living under the shadow of an iconic parent can often be daunting. Yet, Puma Sabti Curry manages it beautifully with respect, love, and individuality all being expressed simultaneously. She’s a young woman on the rise; we can’t wait to witness what she accomplishes next!