Gabriela Rivero Daughters (Lara, Maya, and Gala)

Gabriela Rivero, famously known for her role as “Maestra Jimena” in the beloved children’s telenovela “Carrusel,” is not just a celebrated figure in the entertainment industry but also a devoted mother to her daughters. Her husband’s name is Luis Francisco Ricote, and they married on 12 June 1993. Both have three daughters “Lara Ricote, Maya Ricote Rivero, Gala Ricote Rivero, and Lara Ricote Rivero.” 

This article will explore the lives of Gabriela Rivero’s Daughters, highlighting their achievements, personal philosophies, and the influence of their mother’s illustrious career on their lives.


Early Life and Family Background

Families invested in the entertainment industry gave birth to the three girls, Lara Ricote, Maya Ricote Rivero, and Gala Ricote Rivero, who grew up in the spotlight due to the significant influence of their mother, Gabriela Rivero, on Latin American television.

Mrs Rivero and her husband, Francisco Ricote, raised their daughters in a family that encouraged creativity in artistic expression and valued education. Both cherished these values.


Gabriela Rivero Daughters (Lara, Maya, and Gala)

Gabriela Rivero Daughters
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Gabriela Rivero, a stalwart in the entertainment industry, has always balanced her professional commitments with her role as a mother. Her dedication to her craft, coupled with her unwavering commitment to her family, has served as a powerful example for her daughters.

Gabriela’s career, marked by her iconic roles and philanthropic efforts, has not only shaped her public persona but also deeply influenced her daughters’ values and aspirations.

i) Lara Ricote:

Lara Ricote, the eldest of Gabriela’s daughters, has carved out her niche in the realm of art and social advocacy. With a degree in Fine Arts from a prestigious university, Lara’s work explores themes of social justice, environmental sustainability, and the exploration of feminine identity.

Various galleries have well-received her exhibitions, showcasing her talent and commitment to using art as a means of communication and change.

ii) Maya Ricote Rivero:

Maya Ricote Rivero, the middle child, has taken an alternative path to the artistic pursuits of her parents. Passionate about learning and science, Maya has dedicated herself to academics, achieving acclaim in her area of research. Her research, which focuses on sustainable climate change and development, will help her make an impact on the world.

Maya’s academic career highlights the many interests that are nurtured within the Ricote Rivero family. It demonstrates an unwavering respect for the pursuit of knowledge and ingenuity.

iii) Gala Ricote Rivero:

Following in the footsteps of her mother, Gala Ricote Rivero, the youngest of her children, has stepped into the world of entertainment. With a natural talent for acting as well as a charming appearance, Gala has begun to create her mark on the film and television industry.

The decision to pursue acting is a reflection of an influence from her maternal legacy. However, Gala will continue her path, mixing traditional techniques for acting with contemporary storytelling.


Personal Lives and Philosophies

Gabriela Rivero Daughters with Grand Mother
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The Ricote Rivero sisters have an intense bond that is rooted in mutual respect and an education that stresses the importance of honesty, compassion, and the pursuit of interests. While following her unique path, each sister stays in touch with the family’s fundamental values, which demonstrates that they are able to maintain their family connections.

Their lives as individuals, defined by close ties with their parents and with each other, are a perfect blend of professional goals and family obligations. The sisters are well-known for their charitable efforts and often work together on projects designed to give back to the community, which is a reflection of the values cultivated within their children through Gabriela Francisco and Gabriela. Francisco.


Their Professional Lives

As they grow in their respective professions, Lara, Maya, and Gala aren’t just continuing to build on their mother’s legacy and establishing their identities. Their professional paths, though different, share the common thread of their creativity, determination, commitment, and ambition to make a difference in the world.

Lara designs her upcoming projects to explore the relationship between art and activism further. Maya is determined to advance her work to tackle the environmental issues facing the world. Gala sets herself to assume a more critical role in the entertainment industry, with each sister expressing deep dedication to their professional and personal advancement.



Their lives as Lara Ricote, Maya Ricote Rivero, and Gala Ricote Rivero are illustrations of the impact of a creative, nurturing, and supportive family. The guiding principles, as well as the values of their mom, Gabriela Rivero, and their father, Francisco Ricote, the sisters have forged their routes that not only showcase their talents but also demonstrate their commitment to making a difference in the world.

In their quest to develop and develop as they grow, their achievements as Ricote Rivero sisters continue to be a shining example of the importance of education as well as the arts and family bonds to shape the future leaders of the world.

This book explores the professional and personal lives of the daughters of Gabriela Rivero. It serves as a celebration of their accomplishments and the lasting tradition of a family that believes in love, imagination, and social responsibility above all else.